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greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles industrials sources. that the dealings together economies with a combined gdp of 2.8 trillion dollars, the fifth largest in the world. >> the island that ushered millions of immigrants and to the united states is about to resume receiving visitors for the first time since superstore sandy's search gushed in the new york harbor. >> of all the buildings of the ellis island immigration museum are due to reopen to the public today, almost one year after the storm. allied is what boyle as an electrical systems and left the 2.7 acre item without power for months. >> but the national park service note that much work still needs to be done. more than 1 million photographs and other artifacts remain in storage while buildings are fixed and upgraded perry it >> a fight over renewing the nation's farm bill has centered on cuts to the 80 billion of your food stamp program. >> but there could be unintended consequences if no agreement is reached--- milk prices. >> members of the house and senate are scheduled to begin long awaited negotiations on the fiv
is the problem with the president obama care at about the economy. >> yes. if you look at something monetarily. >> everything is about money. it, the health care what we are learning is that if you are an independent contractor you will do your own health care. and it is probably some standard to the old, health-care. so, the president obama healthcare would be more expensive. of course this will equal better health care but it also means another $300 out of an individual's pocket. it is not going to be going to video games. we are going to be taking money out of the economy and towards the government with president obama health care. >> we will be right back refe >> this new hot spot to san jose there is an accident 1 0 1 southbound just south of the guadeloupe overpass. it is blocking the two lanes is normally a delay-free, and problem-free but it is a number of hot spots that we are watching this morning. (male announcer): here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley: if you have time take a walk along the bay bridge trail you might notice a few things first off f
and croats and chart a path toward their full participation in the economy and society. polls have shown clinton as the leading democratic contender for president in 2016 that if she decides to run. it sounds like the plot of a bad movie. >>mark: federal authority's say a malaysian businessman and nicknamed " fat leonard " obtained a u.s. military secrets by lining up hookers, lady gaga tickets and other bribes for a navy commander. the acquisitions unfold in a federal court case in san diego said no serious national security breaches and corruption. the case has set off high-level meetings at the pentagon, with the thread that more people including those of higher naval ranks could be swept up as the investigation continues. >>darya: the white house and the heads of the intelligence committees and conference are rejecting nsa liquor edward some of its plea for clemency. that would give him a lesser punishment if he would return to the west. officials say no offers are being discussed as noted should return to the u.s. and face charges. snowden, who has temporary asylum in russia made th
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3